Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Future is Geordie/Jersey Shore

This is my reply to Charlie Brooker's Guardian piece about media hate figures.

Aside to Americans: Pretend this article is about Jersey Shore, which I've mercifully only seen once, and all the rest applies.

The saddest thing of all is that the "media hate figures" aren't just on these improbably stupid "reality" shows, they're also on more plausibly stupid "reality" "contest" shows and cable news and in the Congress. Realizing this is like seeing the FedEx arrow for the first time: you can never unsee it. It doesn't matter who wins and loses, it's who makes the most memorable caricature or acts in the most despicable fashion. When you see it, these people stop being hate objects and initially become first class comedians, but in the end the whole world turns to ash (by which I mean a meta-ironical farce centered on the spirit of "the individual" who supposedly knows himself but doesn't even know why he has his tits out).

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